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Premium Double-Sided Edgeless Long Short Pile Microfiber Towel

Premium Double-Sided Edgeless Long Short Pile Microfiber Towel

Short Description:

Material: 80% Polyestar 20% Poyamide
Size: 16inch*16inch, 40*40cm, 40*60cm etc
Weight: 300-500gsm
Color: grey, red, green, orange etc
Use: car polishing, car drying
Edge: border, sewn, edgeless etc
Logo: custom logo

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Product Description:

The edgeless microfiber cloth with a dual-pile design is a multi-purpose microfiber towel that is widely used for car interior and exterior cleaning. Pile Edgeless Microfiber Cloth has one side with a high pile and the opposite side with a low pile. This type of microfiber cloth is popular among detailers because of its versatility and durability.

The long pile is ideal for drying and buffing. It is very soft which will make it safe on the paint. Super soft and silken to the touch, the longer microfibers soak up excess product ready for buffing. The thick towel has a large capacity for liquid and is easily squeezed to release.

The short pile can be used for the initial wipe and the high pile side for the secondary wipe. Besides, the short pile side is perfect for cutting through wax and polish residue. When slightly dampened, the short pile side cleans glass and windows with ease, and without leaving streaks or lint trails. 380gsm edgeless long short pile microfiber towel will be a good choice for your car polishing.

The features of microfiber double-sided long short pile towel:
1.Strong water absorption
2.Durable and lint-free
3.Easy washing and quick-dry
4.No bad smell
5.Soft and breathable

Microfiber wash instruction:
● Machine wash ok
● Do not heat
● Do not bleach
● Do not iron
● Wash hot or warm
● No softener
● Air dry ok
● Low temp tumble
● Do not wash with other laundry
● No dry clean


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