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Microfiber Waffle Pattern Golf Towel

Microfiber Waffle Pattern Golf Towel

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Color:Solid color/ Customized
Use: Golf/Sport
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Microfiber with waffle design removes dirt, mud, sand and grass. It has excellent water absorption and fast drying. So it can easier clean the microfiber towel use only water or a little detergent. Aluminum clip/carabiner that conveniently attaches to your golf bag and prevents loose clip and lost towels.

Waffle weave microfibre cloth is also a very versatile cloth and is a perfect all rounder for all types of uses. It’s light, super absorbent. It is great for drying and cleaning. Waffle Weave Microfibre Cloth are made from a thick construction, it has a waffle-like weave pattern that is optimized for absorbing water and other liquids.

Waffle weave construction features a raised parallel cords or ribbing, this type knitted construction provides an appearance resembling a waffle or honeycomb otherwise called Pique. The waffle weave design is a more efficient drying cloth which is more absorbent than other knits, the ridges work like little squeegees channelling the water into the little waffles.
Unlike very thick cloths it is much easier to wring out the water from the cloth as it becomes wet, then simply wring out the cloth and it will keep on drying streak free. Great on all glass and other uses include; tea towel, car drying, shower screens, mirrors, glass, granite, tiles, marble etc…

Our multipurpose towels are quick drying, super soft and highly absorbent. The smooth material will soak up the sweat right off your skin.
SUPER FAST DRYING & ABSORBENT: Dries three times faster than normal cotton towels and absorbs up to five times its weight in water. Use the integrated hanging loop for even faster drying.
ODOR Free: Specially treated with silver. The silver promotes cleanliness and keeps the fabric fresh and odor free. No more stinky wet towels!

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